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Asylum Immigration Lawyer

Political asylum is one of the most difficult immigration benefits to obtain. If you are seeking political asylum in the United States, you must demonstrate that someone seeks to harm you in your home country because of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion or because you belong to a particular group of people. Typically, the successful asylum applicant must assemble evidence of conditions in the home country, including reports from organizations such as the United States Department of State, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

The applicant should also have evidence of the harm inflicted on the applicant personally, such as police and medical reports from the home country, as well as testimony from witnesses who can tell how the applicant was harmed. Most importantly, the asylum applicant must be able to tell his or her own story of the suffering experienced and why the applicant cannot return home.

Assembling a successful asylum application is thus not just a matter of filling out a form and filing it with the immigration authorities. For as the above demonstrates, political asylum is a benefit the applicant must win. An experienced immigration attorney is thus the asylum applicant’s most important asset. For an experienced attorney can 1) help the applicant gather the necessary documents; 2) work with the applicant’s witnesses to help them corroborate the applicant’s story; and most importantly 3) work with the applicant to help him tell his story most effectively.

An experienced immigration attorney can also tell the applicant 1) what facts can disqualify someone from receiving political asylum; 2) whether the applicant must file with USCIS or in immigration court; and 3) what to do if the asylum application is rejected.
Although it is a difficult benefit to obtain, political asylum confers a number privileges. A successful political asylum applicant can 1) apply to bring family members to the United States; 2) receive permanent resident status; and later 3) apply for United States citizenship.

The result of a denial of the asylum application is that the applicant will be forced to return to a country where his or her life will be in danger. Given what’s at stake, no asylum seeker should file her application without the help of an experienced immigration attorney.

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