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TPS – Temporary Protected Status

Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, allows successful applicants to live and work in the United States temporarily in the event of a natural disaster or ongoing armed conflict in the home country.

Typically, to qualify for TPS, the applicant must register when her home country is first designated for TPS by the Department of Homeland Security. Because a TPS designation usually lasts only a year to a year and a half, the applicant must re-register each time the Department of Homeland Security designates her country for TPS. Failure to re-register at any time can mean that the applicant loses TPS, and with it the ability to live and work legally in the United States.

Mark Monaco has successfully helped dozens of TPS applicants. He can tell you when to file your TPS application, when you can appeal if your application is denied, how a removal or deportation order affects your TPS application, what documents you need to file to qualify for TPS, when you can apply for TPS in Immigration Court, and how you can renew your work permit thru TPS. He can also tell you when you can file late for TPS, and when your spouse or children can qualify for TPS thru your own TPS approval.

For TPS holders whose status may be terminated, Mark Monaco can advise you what if any alternatives besides TPS you have for remaining in the United States legally.

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