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Handling Immigration Troubles - You Need to Consult with the Best Immigration Lawyers in Northern Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland

My first office was at the same location in Arlington, Virginia for about ten years. I well remember my first case. It was an asylum application for a young man from Somalia. I won't tell you his name. Anyway, he had already filed his application with the assistance of another immigration attorney - I won't tell you that attorney's name either. It was a short application, only a few pages long. It didn't include many of the things that had happened in Somalia to this young man. The application had already failed to obtain asylum for him, but he had a chance to apply for asylum a second time in Immigration Court. He wanted my help in preparing this second application.

Immigration Attorney - Virginia, Maryland, Washington DCBoy did we work! One problem with his application was that he had no evidence to support his story of what had happened - no medical examination to confirm that he had been tortured, no letters from witnesses, only his own testimony. I must have had him tell his story to me thirty or forty times before I felt he was ready to tell it to the Immigration Judge in Baltimore, Maryland. Thankfully, the Judge granted the application, and the young man continues to live legally in the United States to this day. I saw him not long ago in a local coffee shop. Do you know what he said to me? He said "thank you for taking the trouble."

He explained his remark by telling me that his first immigration lawyer had met with him maybe twice - once to take his money, and again to fill out the asylum application form. This is a sure method to prepare an asylum application - or any other immigration application - that will fail. This may be how some immigration lawyers might work. We do not prepare things that way in my office.

The Inspiration

Hanging outside my doorway is a framed copy of the passport that my grandfather used when he came to the United States from Italy a hundred years ago. He was only nine years old. Every time someone sits across from me in my private office and seeks my help in an immigration matter, I see in him my grandfather. That's all I need to make me do everything that I can do, legally, to get him the immigration benefit he seeks - whether it's asylum, TPS, or a green card. 

We Want To Help YOU

Whether you are in Annandale VA, Fairfax VA, Arlington VA, Richmond VA, and Alexandria VA or anywhere in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC area come to my office if you have an immigration problem. I will do the same for you.

As an immigration lawyer, it is extremely important to understand the details of the cases. Merely filing the paperwork is not going to help because you have to diligently observe the right facts and then work on all the aspects that can help in shaping the finest application which is likely to be approved.
If the immigrant application fails to be approved, the problems for the clients are going to increase. By opting to choose our services, you will find the right difference. You can check out the endless number of cases that we have handled and the kind of trust our clients have in us.

For us, nothing matters more than attaining the right level of success. Every single case holds the highest level of importance and we believe in giving more than cent percent. We do not rest on our own laurels because we are always looking to improve our records.

Every case that we get is hugely important for us. You can fall back on my immigration attorney services and we will do all that is possible and feasible to make sure that you can have your way and justice will be served.

We have handled a plethora of different cases and so far we have managed to receive a lot of accolades for the same too. There is nothing that is more pleasing than helping someone live their life in peace. If you feel unsafe in your country owing to whatever reasons, you can always fall back on my help. We will study the whole case diligently and after having a better idea of the options, we will guide you through the different steps and thereby make the journey easier for you to handle.

By opting for my services, you can be hopeful of getting the right assistance that is going to make all the difference you need.

Accessing this website does not create an lawyer client relationship.  Before acting on any information in this website you should consult with an immigration lawyer.

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